Angelina Jolie Shows Her Naked Ass

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This picture of Angelina Jolie’s naked ass was taken from the outtakes of her movie “Wanted”.

I applaud the producers of this film for cutting Angelina Jolie’s butt. However, they should have taken their new found moral courage even further and cut her entirely from the movie.

Women should not be allowed to act. If a story requires a female character, say as a prostitute, then a teenage boy in drag makes more than an acceptable replacement.

I have never seen this Angelina Jolie movie “Wanted” but I would bet that her role could have been played better and much more sexily by say Nick Jonas or another young feminine teen boy.

Yes Angelina Jolie’s ass is an offensive site to behold. Let us hope Hollywood takes heed of our call for young lady boys to replace women in the movies, less we be forced to issue another fatwa against them. Allahu Akbar!