Ariana Grande Bra Striptease Snapchat Video

Ariana Grande attempts a sexy striptease down to her bra in the Snapchat video above.

Dumb whores like Ariana think that by using those stupid Snapchat filters over their face, they can get away with this sort of brazen sluttery. Well unfortunately for them they are going to be in for a rude awakening, as Ariana and her fellow filter obsessed cohorts will not be able to escape the righteous wrath of us pious Muslims for Shariah law applies to all creatures whether they be human females or whimsical glittery bunnies.

Yes the days of this sort of furry fetish degeneracy are certainly numbered, for the mighty Islamic world caliphate will destroy Snapchat and purge the undesirables who use it from this earth. I think we can all agree that humanity will be much better off when humanoid bunnies flaunting their perky tits are a thing of the past.