Avril Lavigne Nude Photo Leaked

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Canadian punk rocker (an oxymoron) Avril Lavigne just had the nude photo above leaked online.

Leave it to a trashy moose humper like Avril Lavigne to go on vacation to some exotic beach, and then think it is acceptable for her to prostitute her disgusting naked pale snow monkey body like this. For Canadians are reprehensible creatures, and if they were not so utterly insignificant us Muslims would focus more of our time and energy on destroy them. However, as it stands now they are simply an afterthought to be dealt with after we finish conquering and purging the great Satan of the US of A.

For now Avril Lavigne and her fellow north Mexican iceback compatriot whores can get away with flaunting their frigid nude frames… But rest assured that the day will come when Avril and the rest of the lewd maple leaf leches will have to answer for their crimes against Islam, and with the rate at which their current government is bringing in Syrian refugees that glorious day may be sooner rather then later.