Beyonce Gave Birth To A Muslim’s Baby

celeb-jihad, beyonce

As you can see in the photo above pop star Beyonce has given birth to a hairy olive skin baby fathered by an Arab. Clearly Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z (like most infidel men) has been cuckold by a virile Muslim man.

Of course us Muslims are judicious with our holy Islamic semen and would never purposefully inseminate a woman like Beyonce. One can only assume that when Beyonce’s Muslim suitor had finished shooting load after load of potent Arabian jism onto her face, Beyonce captured some in her weave and later squeezed it into her gaping baby box.

Now that Beyonce’s treachery has been exposed she must turn the baby in to her nearest mosque, so that the half-breed will have a chance at a civilized Muslim upbringing. Allahu Akbar!