Brittany S. Hall And KJ Smith Nude Scenes In “Survivor’s Remorse”

Black actresses Brittany S. Hall and KJ Smith show off their sinfully brown titties during nude scenes in the video above from the TV series “Survivor’s Remorse”.

Believe it or not, despite the fact that these Sub-Saharan she-boons are showing off their savage milk sacks “Survivor’s Remorse” does not air on the National Geographic Channel, but rather on black HBO otherwise known as the Starz network.

With that said one can tell from these short nude clips that the writing on this show is vastly superior to anything being done on white infidel television. From the incest banter during sex to the “I spent a summer working at a car wash” line, this is clearly some of the best entertainment that the degenerate kuffars have to offer. Of course that is like saying someone is “the world’s tallest midget”… or for an even more apropos analogy “the world’s lightest skinned black man”.