Catherine Reitman Nude Scenes From “Workin’ Moms”

The video above features all of Catherine Reitman’s nude scenes from the Canadian TV series “Workin’ Moms”.

As you can see from this video, Catherine Reitman has recently “enhanced herself” as she now possesses big giant new titties. Of course like all women who fall for dark Satanic Jew science of plastic surgery, Catherine’s bolt-on breasts look terrible with a ridiculous nipple placement.

If Catherine really wanted to enhance herself physically she should have stuffed C-4 into her chest cavity. That way she can at least be sent to her nearest synagogue to teach the Zionists a lesson. For even if her boob bombs fail to go off, just the sight of her fugly horse face will haunt the dreams of the heathen Hebrew oppressors for years to come.