Chloe Grace Moretz Tied Up Naked By ISIS

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19-year-old actress Chloe Grace Moretz has been captured by the brave Jihadists of ISIS, and is tied up completely naked with her legs spread in the hostage photo above.

According to reports Chloe was abducted right off the Sunset strip, and was stuffed into a shipping container bound for Syria. Unfortunately due to her boxy unfeminine build the ISIS slave merchants who kidnapped Chloe mistook her for a young male worthy of serving as a bacha bachzi (dancing boy) in our holy Muslim lands; a mistake they soon realized after stripping Chloe naked.

Now our ISIS brothers have a conundrum on their hands, as clearly no self-respecting Muslim man would ever use Chloe as a concubine and her doughy body makes her next to useless for hard labor in the fields or mines. Perhaps the best outcome at this point is to accept a ransom, give Chloe a few hard slaps across the face, and then send her frumpy ass back to the infidel West.