Diane Kruger Gets Naked And Spreads Her Legs

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“Inglorious Bastards” and “Troy” star Diane Kruger lays naked on top of a piano in the disturbing photo above.

With this nude photo Diane Kruger is combining two things specifically forbidden by Islam, sinful female nudity and music. Of course the sight of Diane’s blasphemously bare female body is worse than any song, although some modern rap music certainly gives it a run for its money.

nude-celebs, diane-kruger, celeb-jihad

Unfortunately Diane did not stop at just using her nude frame to promote music, as she also spreads her legs and lady lips open wide in the offensive picture above.

From the large puddle of rancid pussy juice in front of Diane in this pic it is clear that she just caught sight of one of us virile Muslim men. For simply gazing upon the exquisite physique of the average Muslim with his tunic robes flowing and manly beard gently flapping in the breeze is enough to make any woman cum buckets as she orgasms with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns.