Emily Ratajkowski Posts A Covered Nude Selfie

nude-celebs, emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad

Model Emily Ratajkowski just posted this covered nude selfie on her Instagram account.

Ever since Kim Kardashian posted a censored nude selfie to Twitter earlier in the week, it appears as though the bar has been lowered and the floodgates are open, as professional social media attention whores like Emily Ratajkowski are jumping on the new trend of these oxymoron “modest” displays of nudity.

Of course it is only a matter of time now before it is the societal norm in the West for all female celebrities to expose their completely nude bodies in photos and video on social media. In fact, in 10 years time (if Islam still hasn’t finished conquering the West) don’t be surprised to see girls like Emily Ratajkowski taking selfies of their gaping anuses with the hashtags “#Nofilter” and “#FreeTheBrownHole”.

Thankfully for now we just have to contend with Emily Ratajkowski in subtle nude selfies like the one above, and in professional fully nude photos like the new ones below of her in a raincoat. Lets hope it starts raining stones down upon her head soon!

nude-celebs, emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad