Emily Ratajkowski’s Thong Bikini Pic Exposes The Agenda Of Liberal Western Media

emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad, amber-rose

Model and “Gone Girl” star Emily Ratajkowski just released this candid thong bikini picture showing off her perfectly shaped ass, and the Western media has completely ignored it.

Of course ignoring a woman’s sinful sexual expression is a righteous act, but the liberal media did not ignore Emily Ratajkowski out of a sense of morality but rather because they have been so focused on the grotesquely enormous brown ass of former hooker Amber Rose in her new thong bikini photo below.

emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad, amber-rose

This ass discrimination against Emily Ratajkowski shines a light on the agenda of the liberal Western media, as it glorifies the trashy whoring of abids like Amber Rose to further their racial mixing ideology.

There is no other explanation for how an ass so perfectly formed that the blessed Prophet Muhammad himself will no doubt one day be tapping it in the afterlife could be completely ignored, while an AIDS ridden monstrosity of a booty is lauded all over the news.