Emma Watson Caught Naked In An Outdoor Shower

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Emma Watson was caught on camera completely naked while showering outdoors in the disturbing photo above.

Though they are filthy creatures by nature, women should never be allowed to shower, for just the possibility of seeing of their sinful naked bodies makes the risk of permitting a thorough cleaning far greater than the reward (as evidenced by this Emma Watson photo).

If a woman’s smell becomes so pungent that she begins to the disturb the other animals in the barn, then it is acceptable to take her down to the creek at the edge of town and toss her in with her burka still on. Or better yet simply dispose of the stinky woman, and get a new one. In Emma Watson’s case that would certainly be the preferable option, as it is clear from her narrow hips and shamefully bare lady bits in this naked photo that she has nothing of value to offer a man.