Emma Watson Is A Mean Faced Dyke

emma-watson, celeb-jihad

Look at this picture of Emma Watson. Have you ever seen a meaner looking dyke before?

In the picture above Emma Watson was photographed walking away from an alternative record store after purchasing the new Indigo Girls album “C*nt Hungry Cougars”.

What has happened to Emma Watson is a tragedy. I hold the American educational system and in particular Brown University responsible for lesbianing up this once attractive girl.

When will you foolish Westerners learn that education is detrimental to a woman’s sex appeal, and can make them sexual deviant lesboqueers? Not one of my wives can read a word and they are all the picture of feminine beauty. Emma Watson enrolls at Brown and takes an intro to psychology class and all of a sudden she is chopping off all her hair, wearing baggy sweaters with military boots, and scissoring with her fellow lesbo co-eds.

Women are not designed for deep thinking because invariably their thoughts will wonder to what other girls vaginas may taste like. Unfortunately Emma Watson has been sucked in to this disturbing train of thought. I fear only a hard deep dicking can save her now.