Emma Watson Nude Snapchat Photo Leaked

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As you can see in the photo above, a nude Snapchat photo of actress Emma Watson has just been leaked online.

Emma reportedly sent this nude photo to “One Direction” frontman and her on and off again boyfriend Harry Styles. No word yet if the photo was hacked off of Emma’s cell phone or off of Harry’s, but regardless of how it got out it is clear from the caption that Emma Watson is going to be pissed.

In fact, British police are allegedly taking the caption in this photo quite seriously, and are already investigating Emma Watson for making “criminal threats” against Harry for saying that she’d kill him if anyone else ever saw this nude Snapchat pic. For his part Harry Styles has told investigators that he does fear for his life and has constantly been overcome by the “vapors” since the leaking of this pic, for he is a foppish scrawny dandy of a man who could be easily physically dominated by even a tiny woman like Emma Watson.