Hayden Panettiere’s Breast Pops Out Of Her Bikini

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Hayden Panettiere “accidentally” pops her perky little breast out of her bikini top in the photo above.

Hayden may think that she is being all clever by pretending to be oblivious while posing with her tit hanging out like this, but us Muslims know intentional whoring when we see it. Besides when it comes to the prostituting of sinfully naked female sex organs, Sharia law is very clear that intent is not taken into account when issuing punishment.

What that means is that even if Hayden Panettiere were wearing a full length black wool burka, and she happened to stumble down a hill causing the burka to flip up over her head after she was kicked in her ass by her husband for walking too slow while carrying a bushel of figs to market… It would still be his duty to lapidate her for being a brazen whore right there on the spot… As my 6th wife Ayshah recently found out.