Hillary Clinton Releases Shocking Aubrey Plaza Sex ADs

In a move that has caught many political analysts by surprise, Hillary Clinton’s campaign just released a series of political advertisements featuring actress Aubrey Plaza nude and having hardcore sex.

As you can see in the video above, the first Aubrey Plaza sex commercial for Hillary Clinton features Aubrey playing a women’s studies major who defies the patriarchy by getting her rectum banged in front of her father. This ad is scheduled to run exclusively in Iowa in the coming weeks, as the symbolism is clear with Aubrey Plaza achieving an extremely pleasurable orgasm by looking at a photo of Hillary while experiencing a cock in her ass… as in a “cock ass” or “caucus”.

The next commercial features Aubrey Plaza flicking her sin bean wearing a “Pro-Clinton” t-shirt while listening to Hillary relate the endearing story of how her mother was also such an insufferable cunt that she was abandoned by her own parents and sold into slavery.

Finally the last Aubrey Plaza ad released by the Clinton camp shows Aubrey getting her cock cave slammed while Hillary fawns over Obama, and advocates a ban on guns. Unfortunately Hillary’s marketing team missed a real opportunity to hammer their point home about gun control by not showing these men’s meat rifles going off on Aubrey’s slutty face.