Is Rosie O’Donnell’s Chin Pregnant?

rosie-odonnell, celeb-jihadLOS ANGELES – If the “baby bump” on her neck is any indication, Rosie O’Donnell’s chin is pregnant.

The actress, comedian, and talk show host created a stir earlier this month when she appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America with a “noticeably pregnant bulge” on the bottom of her jaw.

O’Donnell ignored reporters’ questions regarding the bump, but Celeb Jihad is reporting that a source close to O’Donnell can confirm that she and her jowls are “thrilled to be adding another chin to the fold.”

rosie-odonnell, celeb-jihadWhile the source could not confirm the identity of the father, insiders are speculating that it may be none other than O’Donnell’s long-time friend and companion Mr. Goodbar.

O’Donnell declined comment to The Associated Press.