Jessica Simpson Nude Photo Leaked

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This private nude photo of Jessica Simpson above has just been leaked online.

As you can see, Jessica shows off her saggy bulbous titties and soft pudgy midsection while sitting around completely naked. Even though Jessica Simpson has recently given birth to two children, it is still no excuse for her to allow her body to degrade into this disgusting sad droopy blob. If Jessica were a pious Muslim woman she would be able to have 8 to 12 children with no noticeable signs of flab or sag, and not just because she would have started giving birth to them at 13-years-old.

The key to keeping a woman fit after childbirth is for the man to not have a soft heart and spare the rod or whip. For us Muslims understand that reproduction is a woman’s duty just like scrubbing the floors and digging wells, and we would never allow her to use the completion of one task as an excuse to forsake her other chores thus grotesquely misshaping her body due to sloth.