Juno Temple Sex Abuse Video

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As everyone knows Hollywood is packed full of sick sexual predators, but perhaps none is worse then impish British actress Juno Temple. For as you can see in the disturbing video below, Juno Temple has a long history of callously sexually abusing her co-stars on camera.

Yes it is clear from this video that if an actor is unlucky enough to co-star opposite Juno Temple then he will almost certainly have her viciously grinding her nasty sinful lady bits into his manhood or worse yet his face.

Why the infidel authorities allow this brazen abuse to continue is a mystery. Perhaps Juno’s victims are too ashamed to come forward and seek prosecution. This is of course completely understandable, for any man who was violated by Juno in such a heinous manner would surely sink into a deep pit of depression with the thought of suicide being his only respite from the crippling emotional pain.