Justin Bieber Attacked During Atlanta Concert, Rushed to Hospital (Video)

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Breaking News: Justin Bieber has been attacked at a concert in Atlanta, CelebJihad has confirmed. (Scroll down for the shocking video!)

Bieber had just finished a song and was addressing the crowd when a deranged fan lobbed what appeared to be a Molotov Cocktail at the popstar. Miraculously, the explosive did not detonate, but Bieber was struck in the head by the device and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital.

An 11-year-old girl was taken into custody after the attack. Police have not released the suspect’s name, citing her status as a minor. But a source close to the department informed us that she was dressed head-to-toe in Jonas Brothers gear, and was also sporting a red bandanna. Red is the color of the Bloods, a notorious LA street gang who have long been associated with the Jonas Brothers. Bieber is a known associate of their arch rivals, the Crips.

Reports indicated that Bieber is in stable condition, and sustained only non-life threatening injuries. However, doctors fear Justin may have injured her uterus during the attack, which could seriously hinder her ability to have children. Such an injury would make her unsuitable for marriage, thereby invalidating her as a person.

justin-bieber, celeb-videos, celeb-jihad