Justin Bieber Threatens A Lawsuit Over His Tiny Penis

justin-bieber, celeb-jihad

It is being reported that Justin Bieber has threatened to sue a website over the GIF above, claiming that it “damages his brand”. As you can see, the GIF appears to show that Justin’s Calvin Klein advertisement was heavily Photoshopped to make him look like less of a sissy boy with a tiny limp penis.

Of course the owners of the website in question lack the testicular fortitude of this holy Islamic celebrity gossip site, for they folded like cheap suit and gave in to Justin’s demands by taking down the image. The cowards then even went as far as to issue an apology to Bieber… pathetic!

Well unfortunately for Biebs we will not be taking down this GIF showing what a vain little twat he is. In fact, we would welcome a day in court were we could argue that this image could not possibly damage Justin Bieber’s brand, as it is the truth that he is a scrawny bird chested little bitch who is hung like gerbil, and we dare him to perjure himself by claiming otherwise.