Justin Bieber’s Secret Abortion Shocker

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CelebJihad has learned that teen singing sensation Justin Bieber recently had a secret abortion at a private medical facility in Malibu. Bieber, who hit puberty just a few weeks ago, discovered she was pregnant after missing her period. She immediately flew to Los Angeles for the secret procedure.

An unwed pregnancy had the potential to destroy Bieber’s good-girl image. It would have also strained relations with Justin’s father, who has gone to great lengths to protect his daughter’s virginity. Because of this, Justin made the painful decision to terminate her pregnancy.

While the identity of the father is unknown, Bieber was recently seen cavorting with singer Sean Kingston in Miami. If Kingston was in fact the father, a great shame is now upon his clan. His family has been denied a child that could have been put to use herding animals or sewing rugs to sell at the local bazaar. To regain his pride, Kingston will no doubt be forced to commit an honor killing by throwing sulfuric acid on Justin’s face while she sleeps.