Kaley Cuoco On Her Knees Servicing A Man

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“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco gets on her knees and prepares to service a man in the photo above.

Us virile Muslims have seen this side of Kaley Cuoco many times, as she is known to make the rounds in harems from Tehran to Tikrit during her off time from “The Big Bang Theory”. Kaley claims that these erotic pilgrimages to the Middle East help her get the nasty taste of the show’s horrendously unfunny writing out of her mouth.

Of course most infidel men are flaming homoqueers, and are more familiar with Kaley Cuoco’s perspective in this photo. They rarely get a woman kneeling before them, and when they do she is usual a few hundred pounds overweight and is missing the vast majority of her teeth due to a nasty Mountain Dew addiction. Needless to say they are lucky to escape with their tiny manhoods intact.