Kanye West And Taylor Swift’s Deleted Sex Scene From “Famous” Music Video

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A few days ago rapper Kanye West released a controversial music video for his hit single “Famous” which featured himself laying in bed with a naked Taylor Swift (the video can be seen here).

Apparently the nude bed scene was just one of the degenerate shots that Taylor and Kanye filmed for this music video, for as you can see in the video below a deleted sex scene featuring Taylor sucking and riding Kanye’s black dong has just been leaked online.

Seeing Taylor Swift have sex with Kanye West for his “Famous” music video should come as no surprise, as Taylor is a brazen whore who will do anything for publicity. While Kanye certainly didn’t make Taylor famous as his lyrics in this song suggest, he did allow her to increase her public profile by playing her favorite role of victim. Of course after seeing how much Taylor enjoys getting her stink hole filled by Kanye’s ashy AIDS riddled black cock in this deleted sex scene, it will certainly make it difficult for her to once again claim that she is being victimized by a “mean man”.