Kim Kardashian Pretends To Be A Pedo With Justin Bieber

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46 year old porn star Kim Kardashian was photographed yesterday frolicking on the beach with 16 year old Justin Bieber.

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber are reportedly “just friends”, but Kim seems to get a kick out of pretending her and the nubile Bieber are dating.

When did it become OK for a fat ass old woman to pretend to be a pedophile? It must be recently because I remember news stories of some fine female High School teachers getting arrested for sleeping with their male students.

I think what Kim Kardashian is doing is much worse because not only is she sexualizing a minor, but doesn’t even have the decency to go all the way with it and put out. She is torturing the poor lad by cock teasing him.

This just further shows America’s hypocrisy. If this was a picture of Ron Jeremy holding hands with Selena Gomez the American public would be outraged. However, since it is a chunky Armenian prostitute with the child and not a man everyone seems to be OK with it.