Kristen Bell’s Bulbous Post-Pregnancy Sideboob

kristen-bell, celeb-jihad

Kristen Bell shows off her bulbous post-pregnancy sideboob in this nude photo from the new issue of Allure magazine.

Everyone knows that the best thing about a woman giving birth (besides the fact that she squirted out another future Jihadist) is that her mammaries become swollen with milk. This tit milk not only nourishes the new baby, but also can be made into a delicious cheese spread that served along with pita chips is great for parties or Al-Qaeda strategy meetings.

Yes just looking at this Kristen Bell sideboob picture is making my mouth water. Her owner would be wise to bend her over and milk her teats before Kristen spoils her bountiful breast milk by turning it sour with her infamous moronic liberal political views.