Kristen Stewart Takes A Lesbian Sex Selfie

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You know that cell phone culture has truly penetrated celebrity life when lesbodyke actresses like Kristen Stewart take selfies of their vaginas getting licked during lesbian sex like in the photo above.

Of course the thought of Kristen Stewart’s pussy in another woman’s warm wet mouth… her tongue sliding up and down Kristen slit tasting her juices before working its way up to her aching clit and massaging it around and around… is certainly a sickening one.

For lesbo sex is unnatural and an affront to Allah, and any woman who participates in it will burn in the eternal hellfire. Thankfully sinful girl-on-girl coitus is not a problem in the civilized Islamic world thanks to the practice of female circumcision in which girls’ sin beans are ground down into desensitized nubs of scar tissue… and also the righteous custom of Muslim women growing out their pubic hair into a thick musty bush that no tongue would ever be able to (or want to) enter.