Mary-Kate Olsen Sexy (30 Photos)

Mary-Kate Olsen has her bra showing as she sings and shows much PDA and smiles during rare date night outing with husband Oliver Sarkozy as they watch Fleetwood Mac perform and exit venue at the same time as Lara Trump held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, 03/19/2019.

The famed Olsen twin who is usually of serious in nature, let her hair down literally for the night as she sang out loud to all of the classic hits and even poked and laughed at her husband who swayed his arms around too. Mary-Kate was joined by a friend, Marcella Guarino, and were spotted laughing during the entire night as they were in their VIP seats watching the band perform til nearly 11pm. The couple later made a very fast exit as Mary-Kate hugged their friend and moments later, Lara Trump was escorted to her car outside as they had attended the same concert.





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