Miley Cyrus Fully Nude Behind-The-Scenes Photo

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Miley Cyrus poses fully nude in the behind-the-scenes photo above from back in August when she was the host of the MTV VMA’s.

Miley appears to be sitting naked in this chair waiting for her makeup artist to come over and cover up all of the herpes scars, bruises, and genital warts on and around her beat up lady lips with Maybelline’s new crotch revitalizing foundation.

One could argue that Miley Cyrus’ casual backstage nudity created a hostile work environment, as workers were constantly being subjected to the sight of Miley’s exposed oozing sex holes. Of course since MTV only employees fat lesbodykes and hairless homoqueer twinks, there were no complaints filed with HR. However, Miley’s brazen behind-the-scenes nude escapade did result in both groups reporting a 200% increase in their already considerable gayness.