Miley Cyrus See Through Shirt No Bra Pics

miley-cyrus, celeb-jihad

Ever since Miley Cyrus has renounced her heathen Jew God Jesus, and accepted Allah as her lord and master she has undergone a miraculous change.

Under a weak Christian moral system Miley Cyrus would run around flashing her vagina, and prostituting herself to older men. Now that the firm hand of Allah is serving as Miley’s moral compass all that is in the past.

Of course the new Muslim Miley Cyrus is not without flaws. As these pictures show, Miley mistakenly forgot to wear a burka, and instead put on an obviously see through shirt with no bra underneath.

She must have been up late praying the night before, and was too exhausted to notice her mistake. However, I can assure you that Miley Cyrus will accept her punishment for this wardrobe malfunction, and will take her lashings like a proper Muslim woman.

Enjoy these pictures of Miley Cyrus’ nipples, and let them serve as a warning that even the most committed new Muslims still can make mistakes.


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