Nicole Kidman Nude Scene From “Eyes Wide Shut”

For this week’s “Throwback Thursday” we take a look back at Nicole Kidman’s nude scenes from the film “Eyes Wide Shut”.

In this film Nicole Kidman plays a sexually frustrated whore who is married to a flamingly homoqueer man… Wait sorry that was Nicole’s real life… In this film Nicole plays a whore who is married to a totally not gay “doctor” played by her then husband Tom “I like vaginas” Cruise.

After seeing Nicole’s sinful naked female body in these scenes us pious Muslims certainly wish our eyes were wide shut. Although her smooth tight little ass is quite halal in appearance, as it is reminiscent of our beloved bacha bazis (dancing boys) butts. Of course now we know what Tom liked about her, for in the right position with her hair slicked back and enough imagination he could certainly make Nicole’s backside work for him.