Olivia Holt Poses For A Fully Nude Photo

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Disney star Olivia Holt just turned 18-years-old a month ago and already she is trying to shed her good girl child star image by posing fully nude in the photo above.

Of course it is not at all surprising to see Olivia Holt exposing her nubile naked body like this, for she is following a well established blueprint in the depraved entertainment industry. That blueprint calls for young stars like Olivia to be subtly sexually exploited in children’s television shows and movies (preferably on The Disney Channel but Nickelodeon works as well), and then when they reach so-called adulthood they finally whore their way into the mainstream by unleashing the power of the sexually frustrated fans they’ve amassed.

Yes this is an old game in heathen Hollywood which started back in the 1930’s when Shirley Temple tantalized and titillated audiences on the big screen, only to grow up and release one of the world’s first celebrity sex tapes in which she gets spit roasted by Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart. So rest assured that this Olivia Holt nude photo is just the start of many more unspeakably deviant acts to come.