Phoebe Tonkin Poses Completely Naked

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CW’s “The Originals” star Phoebe Tonkin is at it again, as she poses completely naked in the scandalous nude photo above.

Phoebe Tonkin is one of those rare infidel starlets which us pious Muslims aren’t quite sure what to do with once we finish conquering the West and enslaving the surviving populace. For even though she is clearly a brazen whore who exposes her naked flesh and appears on a blasphemous Satanic vampire teen drama, she is attractive enough to be worthy of serving in our harems.

So the question becomes, do we grant Phoebe the tremendous honor of being one of sex slaves despite the fact that she has defied the will of Allah, or do we just lapidate her and send her straight to the eternal hellfire? Perhaps a compromise can be made were Phoebe is branded an anal only no lube concubine. That way we do not squander her sexual resources, while at the same time punishing her rectum for her numerous crimes against morality… Win-win!