Rihanna Wears Ridiculously See Thru Shirt In Paris

rihanna, celeb-jihad

Pop star Rihanna wore this ridiculously see through fishnet shirt with no bra out last night in Paris, France.

Paris is not Rihanna’s home on the plains of Africa, so she should not be flaunting her sagging primitive titties like this. Of course with the French’s liberal open door policy on immigration it is easy to see how Rihanna got confused.

Yes the “city of love” is certainly infested with all manner of African trash from the former slave colonies of Cameroon, Congo, and Senegal, who will appreciate Rihanna’s exposed she-boon titties.

France’s salvation lies in the fact that Muslims from North African countries like Algeria and Morocco are invading and reproducing at an extraordinary pace, and will soon outnumber any other ethnic groups, establish Shariah law, and stone slutty Sub-Saharans like Rihanna in the courtyard at the Louvre.