Selena Gomez Comes Out As A Lesbian

selena-gomez, celeb-jihad

Selena Gomez officially came out as a lesbian by posting the above photo of herself kissing a girl (as if pretending to date Justin Bieber wasn’t gay enough).

Unlike the cowardly Zionist controlled mainstream media we here at Celeb Jihad were the first to courageously “out” Selena when we reported she was a gay over 2 years ago.

Yes, Celeb Jihad is the only celebrity news source with the moral fortitude to accuse celebrities like Selena Gomez of being sinful homosexuals, and as this photo of Selena dyking out proves, once again our holy Muslim gaydar was dead on.

Rest assured that we will continue to use our gift of spotting gays for good by publicly outing and shaming any celebrity we suspect of deviant homosexual behavior. Allahu Akbar!