Selena Gomez Naked Spreading Her Legs And Lips

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Selena Gomez spreads open her legs and lady lips in the naked photo above.

This Selena Gomez photo appears to be from the interrogation room of the San Ysidro crossing along the US-Mexico border. Selena often crosses this border while making her way back and forth between her jobs in Hollywood acting, singing, and scrubbing toilets, and her ones in Tijuana performing in the donkey shows.

Because of the heavy amount of drug trafficking on the Mexican border, US border patrol agents have to be thorough in their examination of potential drug mules. Of course they have yet to suspect Selena Gomez of smuggling, but every time she crosses she insists on having her orifices thoroughly examined (as in the naked photo above) by every border agent on duty just so their won’t be a misunderstanding.