Selena Gomez Nude Outtake From V Magazine

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This completely nude Selena Gomez outtake photo from her recent photo shoot with V magazine has just been leaked online.

Forever us Muslims have been saying that Selena Gomez is nothing but a vile Mexican whore with no redeemable qualities, but after seeing her thick musty pubic bush in this photo we are not to proud to admit that we were dead wrong.

Selena Gomez’s pussy beard is certainly a sight to behold. If Selena would only let that coarse dark lady hair spread over the rest of her shamefully bare body she could become completely halal, and one day she may even be worthy of being taken as a 6th or 7th wife by a virile Muslim man. Yes as long as Selena keeps cultivating that fur burka between her legs, her future certainly looks bright.