Selena Gomez Stretching In The Nude

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Selena Gomez stretches her completely nude body in the photo above.

For those that don’t know, Selena recently announced that she has been diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder lupus. Selena no doubt contracted lupus from banging dirty donkey dick back in her hometown of Tijuana, Mexico, and Allah is allowing her to suffer and slowly die from this ailment as punishment for her past degenerate ways (including this nude photo).

Of course there is only one known cure for lupus, and it is daily injections of hot Islamic man milk directly into the vagina and anus. If Selena thinks that she can just limber up in the nude like this, and it will entice us Muslims to be generous enough to give her our potent life affirming ball juice she is sorely mistaken. I can assure Selena that the only way we would ever even consider curing her righteous lupus affliction is if she made amends for her sins by converting to Islam and skinning at least a couple dozen Jews.