Selena Gomez Topless Art Sells For A Million

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This one-of-a-kind never before seen art photo of Selena Gomez completely topless just sold for one million pesos at an auction in Tijuana, Mexico.

Of course one million pesos translate to about $32.50 in US dollars, but still one can not help but feel that this topless Selena Gomez art is overpriced. The buyer of this print was none other than Sir Walter Tittilton, the world’s foremost collector of Meso-American tit art. According to his publicist, Sir Walter has been eager to add Selena Gomez’s boobs to his gallery which can be seen hanging in the prestigious men’s room of El Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant in Del Rio, Texas.

Unfortunately for Selena Gomez the only topless photo of her us righteous Muslims would find aesthetically pleasing is one taken after a Sharia law executioner finishes chopping down with his sharpened scimitar… For that is art that would speak to our souls.