Shakira ft. Rihanna – ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ Sex Scene

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When slutty pop stars Shakira and Rihanna got together to film the music video for their new single “Can’t Remember To Forget You”, you just knew that the director was going have a tough time prying them off each other

As you can see in the deleted sex scenes from the “Can’t Remember To Forget You” music video below, that is exactly what happened as Shakira bent Rihanna over and pounded her with a big black strap-on. No doubt that once these girls got going the production crew had to turn the hose on them to get them to stop.

Of course after Shakira had finished working Rihanna over she had to get hers, so a video extra banged her hard and then finished on her plump Mexican ass.

Frankly I don’t know why these scenes were cut from the final edit of the video as they go perfectly with the song.