Shakira Sexy Pole Dancing Video

shakira, celeb-jihad

In a desperate plea for attention, pop star Shakira has resorted to shaking her fine ass on a stripper pole in her new video.

Between Lady Gaga’s crazy outfits and Katy Perry showing off her tits, it is getting harder and harder for singers like Shakira to get noticed. Luckily for Shakira she is half Lebanese and half Colombian, which means she has a sexy Muslimina ass from the former, and is a tremendous slut from the later.

As you can see in the sexy pole dancing video below Shakira shows off both sides of her mixed background by shaking her fine ass in tiny panties.

shakira, celeb-jihad

This will certainly garner Shakira the attention she desires, unfortunately for her it will be from the Islamic moral police, and she will soon have to answer to Sharia law for this crime against decency.