Shocking Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery Pic

nicki-minaj, celeb-jihad

Before Nicki Minaj was the raunchy ghetto hood rat whose gibberish rap lyrics captivated the degenerate infidel masses, she was just another fugly middle class black girl.

Nicki Minaj was able to undergo this startling transformation through the Jew sciences of plastic surgery and marketing. The first helped Nicki cartoonishly enhance her sex organs, and the later taught her to make music appealing to the base instincts of sex and violence.

Yes Nicki Minaj has certainly come a long way, and made a lot of money selling depravity for the Zionist entertainment machine. Unfortunately for Nicki fame is a fickle mistress, and the Jews have already begone grooming her replacement (see below).

nicki-minaj, celeb-jihad

Her name is “Bubblez” and she is “the baddest bitch you’ll ever meet”.