Snooki’s Naked Ass Microcosm Of What Is Wrong With The USA

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People of America take a good look at this disgusting picture of Snooki from MTV’s “The Jersey Shore” running around with her naked ass hanging out because this is your future.

Like many immigrants I came to this country filled with great optimism and dreams (all of them involving me killing infidels in a well timed suicide bombing), only to grow to feel nothing but utter disgust for this country known as The United States.

That is why I was most pleased when I saw this repulsive picture of the little pig they call “Snooki” on the hit American TV show Jersey Shore. In any respectable society a freak of nature like this would be kept locked away in a cave somewhere safe from public view, but in America she is hailed as a “celebrity” and worshiped by the brain dead masses.

Why would Americans worship such a vile creature like Snooki? Simple, it is because they are a nation of Snookis.

America is full of 4’10 600lb narcissists who grew up being told they were all amazing special people while they stuffed junk food down their bloated gullets. Now this country has become overrun with an epidemic of these filthy pigs like Snooki running around with their asses hanging out without the good sense to realize they are a blight on humanity.

Yes America is a decadent and depraved society that is heading for an epic collapse under the weight of its own arrogant fat ass, and nothing better illustrates that then this picture of Snooki’s doughy bare behind.