Sofia Vergara Is A Sexy Maid

sofia-vergara, celeb-jihad

ABC’s “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara is one sexy maid. We first caught Sofia embracing her Mexican roots, when she was photographed arranging the pool chairs in a bikini at a Ramada Inn in El Paso a week ago. Now the picture above of Sofia Vergara in her official maid outfit has been leaked to the web.

No doubt Sofia Vergara will soon quit showbiz to concentrate full time on her new exciting life in hotel services. From cleaning up hooker blood to blowing visiting French dignitaries for pocket change, the life of a hotel maid is many times more rewarding and glamorous than one spent working for the Zionists in heathen Hollywood.

I have no doubt that Sofia Vergara will finally find contentment fulfilling her destiny as a sexy maid. Allah be praised for setting this once wayward slut on the right path.