Stefanie Scott & Lia Marie Johnson’s Depraved Bra Battle On Instagram

stefanie-scott, lia-marie-johnson, celeb-jihad

18-year-old Disney star Stefanie Scott and fellow 18-year-old YouTube sensation Lia Marie Johnson got into a good old fashioned social media whore off, as both girls shared immoral photos of themselves in bras on their Instagram accounts.

The first blow in this bra battle was struck by Stefanie Scott as she proudly displays her perky teen cleavage while posing with her arm around her favorite sex toy (the Japanese robotic mannequin “Clit Destroyer 3000”) in the photo above.

stefanie-scott, lia-marie-johnson, celeb-jihad

Never one to be out done in the attention whoring department, Lia Marie Johnson responded to Stefanie’s pic with this photo of herself in a cum stained sports bra.

Even though at first glance this Lia Marie Johnson bra pic appears to be more innocent, upon closer inspection one can see that it is much more depraved, as not only is there a small semen stain above her right boob (which no doubt dribbled out on her during a recent blowjob of a infidel’s pathetically small manhood), but there also appears to be a pink dildo laying on the dresser. Thus Lia is clearly the winner of this bra battle, but of course that does not necessarily mean she will win the war, for one can not help but think that Stefanie has quite a bit of naughty photo sluttery left in her.