Taylor Swift Drunk Naked Photo Leaked

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This photo of what appears to be a drunk and naked Taylor Swift spreading eagle in someone’s dorm room has just been leaked online.

No doubt Taylor got wasted on hunch punch at some college house party, and then was taken home and photographed naked by a snot-nosed freshman. Of course this type of degenerate behavior is quite common on infidel college campuses. While the pious Muslim students are in their dorm rooms studying nuclear physics and commercial airline piloting, their kuffar counterparts are out all night killing their brain cells with alcohol and contracting STDs by banging whores like Taylor Swift.

Yes the depraved nature of Western culture is perfectly personified on their college campuses. Thank Allah that the infidels who run and attend these institutions are too distracted by sluts like Taylor Swift to notice that they are providing the necessary educational training for the next generation of Jihadists to finally bring about the holy Islamic caliphate world order.