Taylor Swift Orgasms On A Vibrating Chair

taylor-swift, celeb-jihad

Taylor Swift lets out a massive moan while sitting on a vibrating chair in the GIF above.

One of Taylor’s conditions for attending events and award shows is that the organizers replace the seat of her chair with the famous Sybian vibrating cushion. Then Taylor passes the time at these events orgasming constantly and letting out primal groans of pleasure while she squirts sin juice from her lady hole all over the person seated in front of her.

Yes Taylor Swift is certainly a major distraction at the award shows she attends, but people tolerate her because she always wears something slutty and draws needed attention. However, let us pray that one day a disgruntled event worker will finally have had enough of cleaning up Taylor’s stinking cooter spit, and instead of a vibrator put an IED on her seat. Though no doubt a whore like Taylor Swift would still be climaxing right up until the point that it detonated.