The Young Clint Eastwood


I pine for the days when Hollywood actors were men. Guys that could wear tiny little short shorts and still kick the living shit out of people. Now that is someone I can respect.

It really reflects poorly on our society that effeminate Marys like Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson are revered as Hollywood hunks.

Ladies, just look at this picture of a 19 year old Clint Eastwood. This is the type of guy that would rail you so hard you’d think your uterus was about to drop out. Then he’d smack you on the ass and send you happily off to the kitchen to fix him and sandwich while he fired up 8 cigarettes and adjusted his massive balls.

In contrast guys like Pattinson and Efron would slide their little needle dicks in you, immediately nut, then weep softly into your bosom for the next 3 hours.

But hey the choice is yours.