Topless Women from Femen Protest in Madrid (25 Photos)

Femen activists with paintings on their bodies that read: ‘No honor to fascism’ and Franco’s eagles drawn on their backs during an event for Victory Day on the LXXXII Anniversary of the “Liberation of Madrid’, at the Arco de la Victoria, in Madrid, Spain, 03/28/2021.


The activist and peaceful resistance collective have attended the event on the occasion of the act of “national affirmation’ called by the Spanish Catholic Movement and the Spanish Youth Action to celebrate the day that the capital fell into the hands of the dictatorship. Other acts that will be held during the day will be a mass in the Valley of the Fallen, a prayer and an offering in the pantheon of the dictator in Mingorrubio and a ‘brotherhood meal” in the Franquist Chino. The act is allowed by the Government Delegation of Madrid.



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